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Using Craigslist Used Cars for Sale to Find Cars Under $1000

by craigscars

Browsing the Craigslist used cars for sale section boils down to two different paths. Many private owners list their cars for sale, but more and more dealers are taking to listing their used cars for people to browse as well. This is often the best place to buy a used car, as it means the car is local and you’ll have all the information about the buyer you need.  One of the best features of this website is that you will have the ability to buy used cars that local car dealerships won’t sell.  Generally, local car dealers only sell vehicles over a certain price and used car dealerships that sell cheap cars are usually very shady.  However, on Craigslist cars for sale, you can search an entire inventory of cars that costs a thousand dollars or less.  How is this possible?  The main reasons is that car owners do not want to sell their cheap cars to dealerships because they will only get a fraction of what the car is actually worth.  Also, many car owners do not advertise on large car websites such as Vehix because the cost of the advertisement is not worth the price of the car.

When browsing the Craigslist used cars for sale by owner section, you should be careful of who you’re buying from, and the listed condition of the car.  Most cars on Craigslist that are $1000 or less have some cosmetic or mechanical problems.  However; you will need to consider whether the price of fixing the car is worth it.

Many people on Craigslist will try and fudge and use vague descriptors to make the car sound as if it is in better shape than it actually is. To avoid this, you should only look at listings, which contain pictures of the actual car you’ll be buying. There should be several pictures, which show the car at many different angles, so you can determine if there’s any damage to either side of the car.

So how do you search for cars under 1000 on Craigslist?  It’s simple, and I will show you how with this video.

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