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Buying Used Cars on Craigslist is Better Than Buying From a Used Car Dealership

by craigscars

Are you in the market for a used vehicle but you are dreading visiting your local used car lots? Buying a car should be a pleasant experience, however, most people associate buying a vehicle with haggling. It you want the pleasant experience without the haggling consider the benefits of buying a previously owned vehicle on Craigslist. Below, several points on why shopping on Craigslist Cars for sale by owner is better than shopping at a used car lot will be discussed. Not only can you save money, you can cut out the dishonest car salesman entirely.

Search for Your Vehicle Without Leaving Your Home

Most smaller used car lots do not advertise the prices of their vehicles. While you may be able to browse newspaper ads to find a car that suits your fancy, the car dealer will require you to come in for a test drive before they will discuss price. When you are searching for used cars on craigslist, vehicles that are listed for sale by owner will list the asking price. There is no point searching for a vehicle you cannot afford. Set a very strict budget and adhere to this budget. When you are browsing the listings, search for vehicles within your price range and make a list of the potential vehicles. You can contact the owners of the vehicles via email or by phone to ask for more details. A private seller’s time is valuable, just like yours. They are not in the business of luring people to their home to see their vehicle. If the seller is trustworthy, they are willing to discuss price before you even see the vehicle. You can also get a sense on whether or not the seller will lower the price if you have cash in hand.

No Attempts to Up Sell

Most individuals know what to expect when they visit a used car lot. Several salesmen will be canvassing the lot to scope out their new potential “sale”. To them, you are a huge dollar sign. Whatever they sell you puts commissions in their pocket. This means, the bigger the sell, the bigger the commissions. When you are looking for an economical vehicle it is not uncommon for a car salesman to try to push a bigger and “better” vehicle because that means more profit. Not only is the “better” vehicle out of your budget, it is also more expensive to insure, register, and maintain.

When you set up appointments with a private party, chances are they are selling only one vehicle. The seller is not going to try to push other vehicles on you because they do not have any other vehicles to sell. You have the buying power when you are purchasing a vehicle from a private party. The seller is may see you as a dollar sign, but they also see you as a person. You are not a customer, rather, another individual with a need for what they have. Before you schedule an appointment, you can run the Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle and obtain an insurance quote. This way you know what expenses to expect and how much room you have to make a lower offer.

No Dealing with Finance Representatives

If you have financed a vehicle at a car dealer, you understand what it feels like to go through a roller coaster of emotions. You have already agreed to purchase the vehicle, but you are pondering in your mind whether or not you are making the best decision. When you walk into the finance office of a dealership, the specialist is aimed at raising your monthly payments as much as possible. You will be offered gap insurance, warranty packages, alloy rims, a sound system, and practically anything else you can imagine. Electing the optional packages can cost a pretty penny, but by the time you are in the office, you just want to leave with your new car so you agree to purchase them. This does not happen when you buy from a private party.

When you buy a vehicle from a private party, the vehicle is as is. You can request the seller gets a car wash, but that is about the only haggling you will have to deal with. When you are testing driving the vehicle visit your local auto shops offering free diagnostics and have the vehicle checked. Once you buy one used car on Craigslist you will never return to a used car lot ever again.

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