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Craigslist Fresno: Find a Variety of Cars on Craigslist Fresno Cars

by craigscars

I will explain to you in this short post about why you need to use Craigslist Fresno cars in order to find a used vehicle.  Of course, this post is directed towards people who live in Fresno, or it’s surrounding areas (don’t worry other cities! I’ll get to you guys in a moment).

Did you know that car listings on Craigslist Fresno VASTLY outnumbers the listings on  The reason for this is because most people who want to sell their cars privately do not want to pay a fee to list their cars on popular car websites such as  Furthermore,  Autotrader is mainly used for car dealerships that want to sell new cars.  However, the problem with this is that people in California are currently BROKE and we cannot afford to buy brand spanking new cars.

Therefore, most people who live in the Fresno area will go to the Craigslist to buy and sell their used cars.  According to Google’s Keyword Research Tool, there are over 880 exact searches for the term “Craigslist Fresno cars” per month.  Along with other related search terms, the total amount of people who are searching for this term a month exceeds 110,000.  This means that a large amount of the population in Fresno use Craigslist to search for cars.

If you are a resident of Fresno and want to search for a car, I strongly suggest that you use my Craigs’s Cars for Sale search engine to search for cars within Fresno, and its surrounding areas.  Do not use other used cars search engines such as because you won’t get as many used car results.  If finding cars on Craigslist wasn’t effective, then why would over 100,000 people in Fresno use Craigslist used cars per month? Furthermore, I will show you proof that there is a larger selection of cars using Craigslist Fresno compared to

First go to and you will be redirected to my awesome search engine.  Next, I’ll search for a common car such as a Honda Civic.  Make sure to click on Fresno and your search city and click “Find Cars”.  As you can see, as of today there are over 514 search results for Honda Civics within Fresno and its surrounding areas.


Now if I search for Honda Civics in Fresno and its surrounding areas using, I will get very few results.  The results that I received for Honda Civics from Autotrader’s listings was 72.  This is taking into consideration that I included cars within a 70 mile radius of Fresno.  This is disconcerting in part that I do not have a variety of cars to choose from, hence I am basically forced to buy a car from a car dealership and do not get a variety of cheap car choices.  Of course, a large variety of choices indicates that I can get a better deal on the car price (it’s simple economics!).  Here is a screen print of the Fresno listings.

Notice that there are only 72 results for cars for sale within Fresno.  Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out which search engine to use to search for cars within Fresno.  If you are ready to look for a used car in Fresno, then check out my search engine.


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