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Learn How to Buy Cheap Used Cars Using the Craigslist Seattle Cars Search Engine

by craigscars

Do you live in Seattle and want to learn how to use the Craig’s Cars Search Engine to find Craigslist Seattle Cars?  This post will walk you through how to search for CHEAP vehicles within Seattle and it’s surrounding areas on my free Craigslist search engine.

First of all,  I want to give you an example of why using Craigslist cars is so powerful and why the common folk should ONLY use Craigslist to search for cars online.  One of my friends who lives in Seattle just recently got fired from her job as a nanny because the bread winner in their family just got laid off from a six figure job.  She asked me if she could borrow my car as she had lined up a job with a new family with one stipulation – they wanted her to have a car to commute to work.  I felt extremely uncomfortable with lending her my car, but I immediately came up with a solution.

My solution was that I would help her buy a car and would lend her $1,000 to purchase a car until she could find better transportation.  She was a little confused as she never heard of someone purchasing a used car for just $1000; however, I have used my search engine so often that I knew that there were plenty of 1000 dollar cars within Seattle and its surrounding areas.  We ended up purchasing a car for about $1,200 after taxes and my friend is still using that car today.

I will show you guys how I found a $1000 car for my friend and how you can also search for extremely cheap cars using the Craigslist Seattle site as well as my Craigslist cars search engine.

Now there are two ways that you can search for cars on Craigslist.  The first way is to actually go to Craigslist Seattle and use their cars and trucks section.  However, if you want to be more sophisticated and want the ability to search for more cities around the Seattle area, then use my search engine.  So this is what I did to find a car for around 1000 dollars within the Seattle city limits.

First go to my search engine that is located at the tab that says “Craigslist Custom Car Search”.  Once you’re there, type in a make of the car that you want.  Typically, what I’ve noticed is that your best bet for finding an extremely cheap car is by searching for used Toyotas and Hondas.  In my friends case, we searched for a used Toyota as I’ve had great experiences with these cars in the past.

Type in “Toyota” into the make field and type “1000” into the keyword field.  What this does is command the search engine to look for all Toyota cars with the keyword “1000” located within the text of the ad.  Also, if you want to search for more cars in the surrounding areas of Seattle, then click on each city where you want to search for cars.  In this case, I’m going to search for cars in Seattle, Pullman, Wenatchee, and Bellingham.  You can just search for cars within Seattle, but your results will be limited.  This is what everything should look like what you have inputted the fields and have clicked on the appropriate cities.



Next, you will click “Find Cars” and it will take you to a screen where you need to copy and paste the search string.  Here are the results that I got (click on the link).

Cars for $1000 in Seattle Results

Lastly, a lot of the results may be expired, but be patient because there are tons of cheap cars out there  As of this post, there were 67 results for Toyota cars with the keyword “1000” located within the text of the ad.  Now, this is the magical part of this search engine as you will NOT be able to find a car for this cheap on the public market.  When was the last time you found a car on for $1000?  It’s near impossible, but on Craigslist people are willing to part with their old vehicles for a reasonable price.

Here are some results that I found as of today.  One of these cars is a fixer upper and the other is drivable, which would be perfect for my friends situation.  Basically, these cars are going to be drivable, but that’s it.  They might have huge dents, cosmetic problems, or parts that need to be fixed in the future, but they will work when you’re in a bind.

As you can see, this car needs a new muffler, but it’s drivable.  This is perfect for beginning driver’s as well as people who cannot afford a car, but need a car to get to work. This car is located in Silverdale, WA.


As for this car, this car is perfect for mechanics who want a fixer upper that can be resold for a decent profit. This car is located in Lynden, which is kind of a drive from Seattle, but you could negotiate with the seller to deliver the car to Sea

Both of these examples are perfect reasons why you should start looking on Craigslist for cars.  Remember, that you don’t have to just search for Toyotas.  Your search possibilities are unlimited!  So if you are searching for a cheap car in Seattle, I strongly suggest that you try out the Craigslist cars and use my search engine.

Here is the link to go to my custom cars search engine –

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