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List of Resources for Hondas for Sale by Owner

by craigscars

Here’s a list of websites you can go to to find Hondas that are being sold by private owners.  Truthfully this is going to be somewhat short because there actually aren’t that many resources for owners.  If you guys know of any additional resources, please feel free to share them on this website.  Here’s my list.

Craig’s Cars for Sale

Of course, you can always use my search engine to find a used Honda.  Here’s an example of all the cars you can find by using my search engine.  Here’s my list of 416 locations where there’s Hondas for sale for under $5000.

Here’s Search Tempest result, hell, their search engine actually kicks a lot of ass.  They even have eBay results.  Here’s results for cars between 3000 and 5000 from every state in the US.  

Of course, you can always go to Craigslist, but this is the old-school way of doing things.  Why search one city, when you can search ALL cities at once?  It’s the same with eBay.  Actually, I really wouldn’t recommend eBay.

Lastly, there’s Oodle, but their search results are quite lousy.



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