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Craigslist San Diego Used Cars for Sale

by craigscars

Craigslist San Diego used cars for sale is a wonderful site for buying and selling pretty much anything and it is also great for finding employees and employers.  You can also find a car to drive!

 How to find a good used cars using Craigslist San Diego used cars

Start this task by visiting  Craigslist helps local people find what they are looking for whether it is an car, a vehicle, a job or an item.  You must set your location in order to get the best results.  On the home page of the site, select U.S. cities from the right column and then choose San Diego from the list of choices.

Once your location is set you can start your search for a car.  There are many categories to select from on the home page.  Cars and other car related items are listed in the “cars and trucks” section located in the center of the home page at the top.  You can click on this title to view all recent cars related listings or you can narrow your search by selecting a more specific sub-category underneath the title.  For instance you could select “Toyota Corollas ” to look at cars that have been listed.  You can also use the search feature on the site if you have a very specific need, for instance “cheap cars in San Diego”.

Whether you click on the options provided in the cars section or use the search function, you will be taken to a results page that contains titles of all recently listed cars.  Listings are dated by the day so all the results that appear first will have been listed for today’s date.  By clicking through to subsequent pages, you will see cars that were listed yesterday, the day before that and so on.

When you see something that interests you, simply click on it to view the listing page for that car.  Craigslist requires some information and an email that is anonymous for interested parties to contact the listing creator.  Some listings have more detail than others.  For instance some may contain highly detailed descriptions of an car along with images.  Others may have only a short description and an email.

A note about safety

While Craigslist does its best to make sure all listings are legitimate, some are not.  Always be careful when contacting sellers through this service.  People have been known to misrepresent themselves.  Always arrange to meet in highly public areas, never send cash or other consideration to people you do not know.  Bring a friend with you to meet people.

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