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Craigslist Used Cars NY

by craigscars

While Craigslist is known for featuring free classified ads online, among other notable features, it does also generate revenue from businesses. Do you have to pay Craigslist used cars NY to post used cars for sale? Although it provides a free service for personal classified ads, it charges businesses an affordable price for theirs. The fees are different in the larger cities of the United States, ranging from $10 to $75 per ad. A posting made on Craigslist New York would cost a car dealer $25, which is a small fee to pay for such a service, for the length of time it remains published, and for the response from the public. Consider that the site has over 20 billion page views each month, and about 50 million new monthly visitors in the US alone. That means that an employer who is looking for the right person to fill a position will be able to do so easily, and likely within a short period of time.

Each month, car dealers post about 2 million new car offerings, and that makes it the leader in classifieds popularity of all medium types. It is this growing popularity that drives employers to advertise on Craigslist used cars for sale NY and those looking for work to seek opportunities there.

Of course, there are other mediums employers can use to find employees, and most of them will require a fee. Only a small community paper could provide some response at a more reasonable fee. So, it may not be as effective and could end up costing as much as Craigslist’s fees. Weighing out the pros and cons would likely lead most employers to going for the sure thing, which is advertising on the most popular online site meant for this purpose.

A free way that a car dealer can use to fill positions is by posting car offers on lesser known, free classified local websites. Posting a notice on the message board of the local classified websites may be another opportunity that would not have any fees attached to it. Word-of-mouth is yet another method that is utilized by smaller businesses. Car dealers can post job openings in their own offices to encourage current employees to recommend friends. Certainly, there are options that companies can take advantage of when it comes to looking for new employees, but none can replace the huge audience that is found on Craigslist used cars NY to do so quickly and effectively.

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