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Save Money by Buying Craigslist Cars During the Holiday Season

by craigscars

There are a number of online resources that help people to purchase quality automobiles during the holiday season while remaining on budget.  Unfortunately, not all of these resources possess the same measure of efficacy when it comes to saving money.  Because of this, those who truly want to maximize their holiday spending money when buying a vehicle can benefit the most by shopping for Craigslist cars that are being sold by local dealers and private sellers in their areas.  This is due in large part to the fact many Craigslist used cars are being offloaded by dealers during this time of year to make room on their lots for new vehicles.

Even though the majority of the users that use Craigslist are private sellers, a large portion of users are actually used car salesmen.  Used car companies try to unload their old inventory before the newer models are available in the subsequent year.  This means that there are cut throat car prices at year end.

Some tips that can be used to find year-end bargains is by typing in specific keywords into the Craigslist search function.  Try to type in keywords such as:

  • Year-end sale
  • Year end clearance
  • 2011 models
  • 2011 closeout
  • Christmas sale

These are just a few keywords you can try in order to find a great deal.  The reason why this works is because Craigslist is a keyword driven search engine and sellers insert specific keywords to attract buyers.  However, most people do not know this and do not know what types of keywords to search for.  The people who utilize this knowledge and “think like a car dealer” will be able to find these Christmas clearance deals.

The Benefits Of Using Craigslist To Shop For A Car During the Holiday Season

According to Yahoo Autos, one of the best times to get great car clearance discount is during December.  The average MSRP discount is 6.5%.  Whereas, in a typical month, the average discount is 4.5%.  This means that you will be saving 2% more during December than other months.  If you purchase a $25,000 Honda Civic during December, you’ll be saving an extra $500.  An extra $500 during the holiday season can be spent on gifts, gas, or even given to charity.  If you think about it, this is a considerable amount of money.  Car dealerships aggressively use Craigslist to market their cars during the holiday season as they know many savvy car buyers use this site when searching for vehicles.

Craigslist is one of the premier sources for information when seeking to learn more about the used and new automobile markets.  Consumers do not have to pay money or make any commitment to buy when using this free online resource and can thus, browse endlessly in order to learn more about the available range of vehicles in their area and their respective selling prices.  Plus, let’s face it, you do not want to go from car lot to car lot to try and seek out the best deals when the weather is blistering cold.  Why not take all the hard work out of buying a car and just search for local listings online?

Because people can shop for cars both locally and in distant locations, they can choose to incorporate the price of vehicle shipping into their purchases or opt not to.  Many online resources for car buyers require vehicle shoppers to commit to purchases at some point in their shopping efforts and most will entail stiff vehicle transportation fees, due to the long distance buying arrangements that are made.  Thus, Craigslist is by far one of the most convenient and affordable shopping methods around, especially during Christmas and New Years.

The Downside To Online Automobile Shopping

As with all online purchasing experiences, there are certain things to look out for when purchasing Craigslist used autos.  There is a large number of unethical sellers who are looking to make money from unsuspecting consumers.  These are usually private sellers who are looking to offload vehicles that have extensive body damage or mechanical issues or people who are selling vehicles with known floodwater exposure.  Luckily, there are several ways to avoid entering into transactions with unethical sellers.  These include:

•     Requesting a vehicle history report at the time of inspection.  This will allow the buyer to establish a clear understanding of the history of the automobile that is being considered and to learn whether or not major claims for repairs have been filed on behalf of the automobile or if the car has ever been totaled out.

•    Work with a reputable dealer.   Not all Craigslist automobile sellers are private sellers.  Many dealers use this selling platform to market their most popular models.  When working with a dealer buyers, are likely to have more recourse than when working with unlicensed individuals.  More experienced car buyers, however, are likely to have the buying savvy that is necessary for working with both private sellers and professional car dealers.

•    Never purchase before taking a test drive.  This is always true when purchasing an automobile.  A comprehensive test drive will ensure that the car is able to run at sufficient speeds for a considerable period of time without suffering from any issues.  A drive of several miles will reveal if the check engine light on an automobile has been reset by an ill-intentioned seller.

Why Craigslist Used Cars Tend To Be The Most Affordable Options

Most automobile sellers who use Craigslist as their primary selling platform do so because they are of the fast turnover rate for automobiles.  The is the premier platform for people who want to move quality vehicles fast.  It is an exceedingly popular method for shopping for a vehicle and this in turn makes pricing increasingly competitive.  Those who wish to sell their vehicles in the most rapid amount of time will often make price comparisons with similar automobiles that are being offered.  This is in fact, how people are able to find phenomenal quality automobiles at bottom dollar prices.  While the demand for Craigslist cars for sale is continually high, the supply is high as well.  This makes Craigslist the perfect place for getting holiday savings on a brand new or used automobile.

Craigslist Used Cars For Those With Extremely Limited Budgets

The holiday season is the worst time of year to be without a functioning automobile.  The weather is cold and getting seasonal shopping done is downright difficult when this laborious chore must be performed on foot or through the use of public transit.  Craigslist used cars, however, make it possible for people with very limited budgets to find reliable transportation.  Craigslist commonly hosts listings for commuter cars that people no longer wish to hold onto.  Because of the common need for extra cash during the holiday months, many people opt to place extra or secondary cars on Craigslist in order secure more holiday funds.  Commute cars are typically well-maintained and have already been registered and smogged, making them a very low-cost and hassle free investment to make.

Gifting Vehicles During The Holiday Season

If you plan on giving the gift of a car during the holiday season, Craigslist used cars and certainly one of the best places to start looking.  Not only will buyers have easy access to a broad range of different automobile makes and models to choose from, but they can also snag a vast array of special accessories to go along with them as well.  Craigslist cars can be ideal gifts for teens, college students, struggling single parents or families who are down on their luck.  Because of the generous supply and resulting competitive prices, this is an easy way to give a phenomenal gift to someone who really needs it, without going bust.

Getting Ready For Seasonal Workout

It is impossible not to mention the broad range of heavy duty hauling trucks, work trucks and pick-up trucks that people can buy when shopping through Craigslist.   Craigslist autos include a broad range of compact and medium-sized vehicles as well as trucks that are perfect for professional contractors and others who will need room for hauling tools and other work-related equipment.  These heavy-duty automobiles can be found in both the “cars and trucks” listings as wells as listings.

Tips for Buying During the Holiday Season on Craigslist

Lastly, here are some tips to put money in your pockets during the holiday season when shopping for a new or used car on Craigslist.

1. Browse the Site At Year-End

Typically, you’ll see many more car clearance listings at year-end. Make sure to use the correct keywords to get steep discounts.

2. Search on Saturdays

Analysts have stated that the best discounts are given on Saturdays because buyers tend to shop on the weekends.  If the car dealers do not give better discounts, then car buyer will simply go to a different dealership and purchase a car.  Try to type in keywords such as “Weekend Deals” or “Weekend Clearance” or “Saturday discounts”.

3. Purchase on Holidays

Many car sellers know that most people will be at home during the holidays.  This means that more people will be prone to search Craigslist for cars during this time period.  Since car dealers  know this, they will post more of their deals on Craigslist during the holidays.


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